Hohhot is home to 2.4 million people from over 10 different unreached people groups including the Hui, Mongolians, Manchu, Ewenki, Daur and more. As the capital of Inner Mongolia’s Autonomous Region, Hohhot also serves as the regional hub for education and economic, scientific and technological development.

Steeped in traditional religions such as Tibetan Buddhism and Islam and held in bondage to Communism, Genghis Khan worship, alcoholism and apathy, the people of this city are waiting for
The One True God.

As in the rest of China, there are different “personalities” to this society from the university student looking to the bright future to the grandmother fighting to hold on to the proud past, from the middle class housewife shopping in high end stores to the peasant widow selling fruit outside the mall.

The contrasts are great but the answer is the same.
Please join in praying for
to be proclaimed in this city.